Money Money Money!

We are four weeks into the renovation and things are starting to move. The first few weeks were spent making the changes needed to comply with new building codes. Two days before we submitted our plans to the city of Port Moody the BC building codes were changed which meant we had to do a new set of drawings for the city. The code that changed for us dealt with insulation and how you show this in your architectural drawings. You think you have all your bases covered but there are always things that come up. 

Some people call them soft costs! The ones you know will come up but are not sure how much they will be. Have the contingency reserve fund ready because they will come up. Surveyor and engineer inspections along with extra work that is needed and any changes you make along the way. They add up!

When designing our renovation we did think about how we wanted to enjoy the space but we also considered the added value for resale. We have added a third bedroom where our kitchen used to be as our new kitchen is going in the new addition.

In the next few weeks the fun part begins, designing and decorating. I have been saving pictures for months on Houzz  and Pinetrest and have a very clear vision of what I want and am excited to see that all come together.

I have added a few pictures for your feedback on house colours. I would love to hear your thoughts, no guarantee I will take your advice but I would love to hear it : )

Quick Tip!

If you are doing a new kitchen and are adding or changing walls remember that you can not professionally measure for cabinets until all the walls are in. Start the planning process before so that when the walls are finished you are ready to go. Some special order kitchens can take between 6-8 weeks for your order to arrive, and then you have another week on top of that for installation. After cabinets you need your countertop, depending on what you pick will determine how long after cabinet installation you will be ready to install the countertop, so planning ahead is key!