Return On Investment

(January 19, 2015, posted in General)

Have you ever planned a renovation, upgrade or redecorating project and wondered whether it would impact the market value of your home? We did and that is what started us on the journey to renovate our home. The first question we asked ourselves is how much our project would cost and would be able to get a return on that investment?

Of course, increasing the market value isn’t the only reason for m... read more.

Your Home at a Glance!

(January 05, 2015, posted in General)

Have you ever driven up to a restaurant and your first impression was disappointing? Perhaps the windows looked dark and gloomy, the façade was worn and unattractive or for some other reason it just didn't look like a tempting place to eat.

It could still be a fantastic restaurant – a real gem. But, your first impression has soured your anticipation. If you still walk through the front door, it wil... read more.